I started Pretty Pug because firstly I'm an author too, and being an author out there in the big wide world of publishing I know how I want to be treated. I felt that there is a complete lack of that personal touch out there.


Constantly chasing for updates and replies to your questions and just being another author on that conveyor belt of wanting to be published can make you feel unimportant.


We will reply to every question within 48 hours and will update you when we say we will. We will make you feel important, part of the Pretty Pug family - giving you a personalised plan to help get your book published.

Yes, we are a hybrid publisher. But as you will be aware getting that traditional publishing deal is incredibly difficult.


Yes there is upfront risk and investment from you - but our fees are competitive and you will only pay for the services you need, and indeed want to pay for. 

Our Vision

At Pretty Pug Publishing our vision is to have a happy stable of authors, selling their books and getting the personal touch they deserve. We can't guarantee you'll be the next J K Rowling, but we can dream!

We are a hybrid publisher. So what does this mean?

Well, we function just like a traditional publisher with two key exceptions - that you, the author subsidize the cost of publishing and you will not be given an advance on any royalties.

We work together with you, as a partnership and will only take on manuscripts we believe in (unlike most self-publishing establishments) and will help you through every step of the publishing process.

Unlike a traditional publishing contract, as the upfront investment is from you - your royalties will be much higher - usually at 50%. 

We are a responsible hybrid publisher

We are proud members of the IBPA and adhere to their 9-point guidelines for Legitimate Hybrid Publishing

Vetting Submissions

We aren't just looking for any old author who is willing to pay us. Publishing under our own imprint we want to ensure a quality end product hits the digital shelves - and that includes everything from the cover to the editing and layout to most importantly, the quality page-turning content of the book.

We are open to submissions from any genre, fiction or non-fiction. We want to be gripped from the start. Make us want to read more. If you can do that, then there are readers out there that also want the next book they cannot put down.