At Pretty Pug Publishing, we believe children’s books are magical. 


And we believe that children’s books can inspire the next generation in so many wonderful ways. 


So, we have created the DORSET YOUNG WRITERS PRIZE


We have a vision to encourage creativity, imagination and enhance literacy skills amongst young people. We’re passionate about helping to shape brilliant young minds - but want to help create a generation of talented writers, too. 


The Dorset Young Writers Competition we hope will be an annual event open to every pupil in every school in Dorset. 


Initial entries from pupils would be judged by teaching staff, who will select the most promising 10x story submissions to put forward to Pretty Pug Publishing. These submissions can be from individual pupils or written collectively by a class or group of students. 


These entries will be further shortlisted by Pretty Pug Publishing’s in-house authors, who will select their top five favourite entries. These will be read by our guest judge Kate Scott who will then decide the lucky winner. 


The brilliant young writer who is selected as the winner of the competition will see their story illustrated by an industry professional and then published. A total of at least 250 copies will be printed in the first run, including an additional 25 copies of the book provided so that each of the winning pupil’s class members will receive their very own, first-edition copy to treasure.


Colouring sheets will be available based on the final winning book for all pupils in the class - which we would ask you to create a wall display or similar in their classrooms that we can then share on social media to generate interest/encourage more schools to participate in future competitions.


50% of future nett sales will go back into the school in the form of book vouchers, or donated to a charity of the school’s choice.