Please remember we are a hybrid publisher. So what does this mean?

Well, we function just like a traditional publisher with two key exceptions - that you, the author subsidize the cost of publishing and you will not be given an advance on any royalties.

We work together with you, as a partnership and will only take on manuscripts we believe in (unlike most self-publishing establishments) and will help you through every step of the publishing process.

Unlike a traditional publishing contract, as the upfront investment is from you - your royalties will be much higher - usually at 50%. 

Submission Guidelines

Unlike other publishers, we haven't got many strict guidelines or formats to follow, all we ask is you send us your best work.

A few points of note:

For children's books, picture books, colouring books, short stories, and poetry (with and without illustrations) - please submit the whole manuscript.

For fiction books - please submit the first 3 chapters only

For non-fiction books - please submit the first 3 chapters or first 25 pages if not a chapter-based book (i.e recipe book)

For books that are not yet finished or are just ideas - please provide a detailed synopsis of the book together with the basic plot.

Any questions please contact us, and we look forward to receiving your work.



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