"It does for Dublin what Trainspotting did for Edinburgh. Dublin’s very own fleabag"



- John O’Brien (LondonTheatre1)



Gutted - The Play, comes to printed format! 




Gutted was accepted as part of Marlowe Roar programme in 2017, as part of their new writing initiative Gutted was much appraised by the team at the Marlowe and she became a supported artist of the theatre and continues to be. ‘Gutted’ a black comedy, about three young women who work in a fish factory in Dublin in the 1980’s, premiered at the Marlowe Theatre in February 2017 receiving wonderful reviews. It was supported by the Arts Council, Canterbury City council as well as the Marlowe theatre creative fund.

Gutted then went on to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time in 2018. Directed by Chris White, (RSC, and Scenes From 68 Years by Hannah Khalil’s, Booby’s Bay by Henry Darke Bottled by Hayley Wareham)

The following year the play, again supported by ACE toured in the UK and London in October 2019. Gutted received an offcomm and five-star reviews.

Gutted, also a screenplay, co-written with writer Melissa Garner Lee was shortlisted in the Moondance Film Festival in Los Angeles.




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Gutted (The Play)

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