The numbness is like an old friend

I seek solace there

In the void

It's a weirdly comfortable place

A very comfortable place

Why would anyone want to leave?




I suffer from depression, anxiety and a mild-form of temporal-lobe epilepsy. This isn’t a cry for help. Its just to explain some back story on where the idea for this book came from.

This means my brain has a strange way of behaving.

These poems can be thought-provoking, funny or just absolute nonsense.

I'm hoping these poems will resonate with mental health sufferers, offer insights to their loved ones or carers, or anyone really. And the others - I just hope everyone gets a few moments of entertainment from them, as I have done writing them!

Type: Paperback (60 pages)

ISBN: 978-1-8382149-0-6

Poems from a Depressed Mind