Helping you get your book published

Every author accepted into the Pretty Pug family will get the full support and help with all the following services.

A personalised plan of action will accompany the contract to ensure you know where you are every step of the way on your publishing journey.

Editing, Page-setting, and Proof Reading

Your readers will expect a perfectly laid out book.


It should be your message or story that is the stand out feature - not poor grammar or bad punctuation.

From basic proofreading to heavy editing our in house team will be able to assist you and work with you every step of the way in perfecting your book or manuscript so that it is fit and ready for publication.

Illustration and Cover Design


You've spent time and money getting your book written, and perfected. The layout is perfect. You want it to look its best too, after all, first impressions are everything.

Working with freelancers around the world, as well as an in-house team we will make sure your book screams quality and begs to be taken off the shelf.

Have your own illustrator or you are an illustrator? Excellent - we will work with you to ensure your cover and all illustrative pages are pixel perfect and print-ready.


Working with the best printers in the UK - we will ensure your book not only hits the shelves looking its best but feeling the best too.


Whether you want a silk or gloss cover, or a matt or velvet soft touch one - we can do it - with quality inner papers too. And best of all - at very competitive prices too.

Looking for printing services only? Please click here to see our Print Management service.

Pug puppy holding books and showing thum

ISBN Registration

If you want to retail your book - you need an ISBN number and barcode. Printing through the Pretty Pug imprint, we take care of this for you - and as we buy in bulk - can pass the savings on to you.


Tailored especially for you and your books' needs - we offer help and assistance on all marketing channels - including and not limited to Social Media, Online Shops, Pop-up Shops, or Local or National Book Stores.


When it comes to distribution - again, no worries - we fulfill all orders from our hub here in Dorset.